Broiler production, Egg production and Poultry processing to chicken


Poultry production is an innovative and high technology sector producing mainly chicken meat and eggs. Chicken meat production is a complex and technologically advanced system seeking continual improvement in genetic material, nutrition and husbandry techniques. Tricity Integrated Farms’ poultry is the product of complex, scientifically-based programs aimed at producing more meat and eggs while consuming less feed. Our focus is on

  1. Broiler production
  2. Egg production
  3. Poultry processing to chicken

Broilers are chickens raised for meat production that have a larger body frame and body weight than those used for the egg producing industry. Chicken meat production involves broiler breeder farms, which produce broiler hatching eggs, and broiler chicken farms, which raise chickens to be marketed for processing.  The parent breeders are raised in open-floor, environmentally controlled barns, and reach sexual maturity at about 24 weeks of age. 

Laying hens are chickens raised for table egg production and have a smaller body frame and body weight than chickens grown for meat.  Two types of chickens are used for egg production purposes in small flocks: dual purpose and egg producing breeds. Egg producing chickens have been bred for maximum egg production rather than meat yield, and can produce up to 300 eggs per year.  Dual purpose chickens are raised in small flocks for both meat and egg production. 

Tricity Integrated Farms is engaged in the slaughter, processing and sale of chicken.  The Company will also be involved in the processing of chicken meat products. 

Our products and services will include the following:

Chicken meat
  • Full
  • Parts
  • Giblets (i.e. gizzards, kidneys, heart etc.)
  • Head
  • Hocks
  • Table eggs
  • Eggs for production of DOCs