Innovative growth ideas

consultancy service


Our consulting services stems from the wealth of experience of our agribusiness professionals. Our consultancy services are both intellectually and technically based as it concerns farm model design, construction and establishment; and agribusiness feasibility studies and business plans.


Information and Knowledge Management

  • Information on Markets for products
  • Information on Finance Sources and Credit Programmes
  • Information on New farming methods, improved seedlings or stock and latest techniques


Technical and Advisory Assistance
  • Land preparation
  • Veterinary Services
  • Agronomic best practices
  • Application of world class bio-security processes
  • Livestock management / animal husbandry techniques
  • Agro-processing (primary) and storage techniques
  • Laboratory Services
Farm Infrastructure and Production Inputs
  • Sales and supply of improved seedlings, improved breeds, fertilizers, crop protection products and veterinary drugs
  • Hire of tractors and other farm machinery and equipment
  • Provide plots of land to vendors of improved seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products for use as demonstration farms
Marketing and Business Development
  • Linking farmers with markets and buyers
  • Linking vendors with farmers
  • Encouraging the formation of farmers’ cooperatives, community associations etc.
  • Provide warehouse/depot space for vendors of agricultural inputs
Financial Architecture
  • Provide agricultural credit information and advice
  • Support the delivery of rural financial services to the agricultural sector by encouraging the creation of cooperatives, farmer groups and community associations.
  • Provide credit/finance through the use of subsidies, discounts and voucher programmes operated or developed by the Governments, NGOs or other donor agencies.

A. Training and Capacity Building

  • Demonstration farms/units
  • Classroom and hands on training sessions
  • Management skills to manage the farm business efficiently and profitably
B. Extension Services Framework

The objective of the extension system is to have a coordinated system of agro input information and agricultural advisory services that would reach and respond to diverse requirements of various farming methods and the different needs of farmer groups.  Our approach would be a “contracting in” system i.e. a private sector driven system in which the private sector organisation contracts in public sector extension staff.