About Us

Tricity Integrated Farms Ltd. consists of a group of professionals, highly experienced and versatile in crop production and processing; and livestock production and processing. Our services deliver complete processes on Intensive and Extensive Farming Models to meet with global standards.

Our Vision

To be globally recognized as an agricultural value chain company that leads the market with high-quality agro-allied products and services in an institution excellent and innovative manner.

Our Mission

Our mission consists of three interrelated parts:


Product Mission:

To produce, process, store and sell the best quality of agro-allied products with a continued commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations.


Economics Mission:

To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of proftable growth, increasing value for our stakeholder and expanding opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.


Social Mission:

To operate the company in a manner that actively recognizes the central role the business plays in our communities by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life in our host environment.



Tricity Integrated Farms operates an Integrated Farming System (IFS) model of agribusiness. IFS is an agricultural system which consists of the integration of crops and livestock into an interactive relationship with the expectation that together, as opposed to alone, they will generate positive effects on outcomes of interest, such as protability on overall productivity, and conservation of non-renewable resources.

This model was chosen because it has been proven to ensure optimal utilization of all resources found in the farm via recycling and other environmentallyfriendly means. It also enhances operational eficiency; reduces waste and increases prot margins due to low input cost.

Business alliances will be established with research centers; agricultural equipment manufacturers; agricultural produce distributors and a network of local and international consultants to ensure that the farm deploys best global practices to produce high-quality products.