Crop Production & Processing

Rice, Coco, Sesame seed, Cashew, Greenhouse farming for fruits & vegetables (tomato, pepper, etc.)



Tricity Integrated Farms’ main focus for staple food production is Cassava. This is because of the current huge gap in meeting the demands of processed cassava products. We are positioned to benefit from the value-add cassava market opportunity in the industrial segment with derivatives like cassava-based starch, high-quality flour, dried-chips for ethanol production and sweeteners. In Nigeria, cassava production is primarily produced for its roots. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimated that over 600million people depend on cassava as staple food in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The ever-increasing population has made it mandatory for increased food production; hence Tricity Integrated Farms is positioned as a local producer of raw materials for food production. Backward integration has become a norm in food processing. This is because there is always a need for backup feed. Tricity Integrated Farms understands this and we are actively involved in cassava production as backup for our processing centre and also as feed formula for our livestock.

The Nigerian economy has reached a stage in which commercial, large-scale production, distribution and export of essential food commodities and intermediate raw materials for industries has become inevitable. Our focus for the cassava value chain is as follows:


High-quality cassava flour






Dried chip exports



Detoxified Cassava flour and starch have their greatest application in the food and confectionery industries. The flour is compulsorily required to be incorporated in wheat flour at an optimal level of 40%. They are also used wholly or partially in confectioneries. Cassava chips, pellets and spent pulp are used extensively in Europe as ingredients in European animal feeding stuff. Cassava starch has extensive use in the food, paper, adhesives and textile industries.

Apart from cassava, other focus areas in crop production and processing are

Rice farming and processing

Cocoa farming and processing

Cashew farming and processing

Sesame seed farming and processing

Greenhouse farming for fruits & vegetables